Saturday, June 10, 2006

Testing ZFS on FUSE

The result of the phase 2 of this project is now available for download.

If you want to help testing, please download the source code and follow the README and TESTING instructions.

A few notes:
  • If you have access to a real SMP (dual-core, dual-proc or even a quad-proc ;) machine, I would really appreciate if you test this program. There are no known bugs at this moment, but if there are any problems, the most probable cause is in the new threading code.
  • You need SCons to compile (just do the usual 'apt-get install scons', 'emerge scons', or 'yum install scons')
  • Currently, it only runs on the x86 and amd64 architectures.
If you have a sparc machine and are willing to help testing, please let me know so that I can port the necessary code.

If you have a machine of another architecture and want to help port to it, you'll have to implement about 2 or 3 assembly functions. If you're interested, let me know so that I can help ;)

FreeBSD is not my primary goal at this moment. After the SoC finishes, I will make sure it works. If you can't wait, I accept patches :P


Anonymous said...

very cool... reading through the code now. can't wait to see the next update :)

K Mestery said...

Excellent work! Looking forward to following your progress throughout the summer!

rasputnik said...

Awesome work - bodes well for other ports that you've got so far so quickly.