Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Project is now in Phase 2 (TM)

Yesterday I decided to proceed to phase 2 of the project (Porting libzpool, ztest and zdb). And I'm happy to announce that libavl and libnvpair are already ported :)

Actually, it wasn't that difficult. I only had to change 7 lines of code for it to compile cleanly with gcc -Wall -Wno-unknown-pragmas (I'm using this flag because all files in the OpenSolaris source seem to have #pragma ident, which gcc doesn't recognize).

Now the real work begins. For libzpool to work, I'll have to implement a zfs_context.h which works with NPTL, and from the looks of it, it doesn't seem trivial :P

By the way, the ZFS on FUSE website was inacessible today because my Internet connection failed. Sorry about that.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Project website created


The project website is finally up.

Now I really, really, really have to sleep. Bye! :)

Friday, May 26, 2006

ZFS On-Disk Specification

So, these past couple of days I've been reading the ZFS On-Disk Specification, which is not quite up-to-date, but it serves its purpose.

I find it relatively easy to understand, but I got slightly confused regarding the DSL and especially the Fat Zap structure. But I'm sure it'll start to make more sense when I dive into the code (then again, maybe I'll be more confused ;)

Anyway, tomorrow I'll definitely create the main project site, finish reading the spec and if time permits, I'll start importing the code.

Well, that's it for today :)

Announcing ZFS on FUSE/Linux

Hi everyone,

I'm very pleased to announce that, thanks to Google, Linux will (hopefully) have a working ZFS implementation by August 21st, 2006.

This site is where I'll keep you informed about my progress. A web site will soon be created for general information.

I'd just like to say that I'm very excited about this project. I think ZFS is a great filesystem, and I can't wait to have it working on Linux!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the work of Sun's engineers, who have done (and are still doing) a wonderful job, and of course, Google, who is sponsoring my project (and +600 other ones!).

Yay for Goooooooooooooogle!!!