Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Phase 3 has begun


Today I finally started working on Phase 3.

I already got libuutil to compile (zpool needs it), but in the process I stumbled upon a very subtle problem. The problem is that, when porting OpenSolaris code to Linux, the -Wunknown-pragmas flag is dangerous (I was using it to ignore #pragma idents).

Why is it dangerous, you ask? Because it ignores #pragma init and #pragma fini. Then why do the OpenSolaris developers use -Wunknown-pragmas without problems?
Because when gcc is compiling to a Solaris target, it recognizes those pragmas. Not in Linux, though.

Well what does this mean? It means that to be on the safe side (I really don't want to track down an obscure bug related to a #pragma init that I missed) I had to remove that flag from the main SConstruct file, and I had to change 144 source files just to remove #pragma idents... On the bright side, I only have to do this once, since all future code integrations from OpenSolaris are patched automatically.

There's a related problem I had to deal with earlier. The gcc assembler in Solaris recognizes the slash (/) symbol as a way to start comments. Unfortunately, in Linux it doesn't, which means I had to remove all comments from the ported assembly files..

Anyway, in other news, Ernst Rholicek has contributed a Gentoo Ebuild for all lazy Gentooers out there who want to help testing ;)

That's it for now -- as usual, I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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