Thursday, January 18, 2007



I haven't been able to make much progress these last couple of weeks due to school projects and exams, however there have been a few bug fixes and performance improvements. Thank you to everyone who reported bugs and sent patches (and suggestions)!

I expect to release alpha2 in the next few days, after some newer functionality is implemented.

Interestingly, Patrick Verner has been busy adding support for zfs-fuse in his Parted Magic LiveCD/USB project, which is now officially the first Linux distribution supporting ZFS!

Seems very cool, so if you want to test zfs-fuse but don't feel like compiling it yourself, give it a shot ;)

Oh, and I've created a zfs-fuse discussion group, following the suggestion of Miguel Filipe :)

By the way - if you encounter any unexpected problem using zfs-fuse, please report a bug or post a message to the zfs-fuse discussion group, otherwise I can't fix it..