Friday, June 09, 2006

Successfully compiled zdb and ztest

Hi everyone, I have great news.

Apparently, I managed to compile zdb and ztest ;)

After fixing a few bugs, I also managed to run ztest a few times for 5 minutes with no problems (there are still bugs, however).

Once I manage to fix the remaining bugs (tomorrow or the day after, I hope), I'm going to upload the source code and give instructions for whoever wants to help testing.

Stay tuned :)


Anonymous said...

You fracking rock.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait -- can test on x86 and amd64.

Anonymous said...

sounds great to me, will help testing of course!

i'm really hoping to see zfs well-supported on linux (whether as "real" fs inside the kernel or through fuse) ... has great features and kinda obsoletes LVM (even while adding features!)

... looking forward to it :-)