Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ZFS for Linux Beta 1

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce the release of ZFS on FUSE/Linux 0.4.0 beta 1.

Even though this is a beta release, it should be more stable than your typical beta filesystem. The main problems in this release are (lack of) performance and high memory usage with some load patterns.

As always, be sure to read the README and the STATUS files.

So, what's the future for zfs-fuse?

The plan is to implement all the missing features marked for 0.4.0 in the STATUS file and then release beta2. After that I intend to focus on performance, release rc1 and after extensive testing release 0.4.0 final.

I wish to thank all the users who have been testing and helping this project.
I also want to give a special thanks to Phil Worrall, Chris Samuel, David Plumpton and especially Roland (devzero) for all the patches, bug reports, tests and suggestions :)


Wout Mertens said...

Ok, sorry for the lame comment but:


Great news :-)


Arto Bendiken said...

Great work! :-)

Looking forward to giving it a spin.

Michael Torrie said...

So now that Fuse runs on Mac, is ZFS on fuse portable enough to try to run on a Mac? How about BSD?

Chris Samuel said...

Well done Ricardo, thanks for the kind comments too!

Anonymous said...

i am installing solaris 10 rigvht now on my desktop machine. I will try fuse-zfs and give you feedback.

Felix said...

I have installed 0.4 beta1 and written a small script to periodically take snapshots of my documents and code filesystem. Your work is so great that brings an easy-to-use snapshot system in Linux. That's really great!

BTW, www.wizy.org is down now. Could you please fix it? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

It is really nice to see ZFS coming to Linux finally! I just wondered, how much work would it be to port ZFS/Fuse to be a native in kernel filesystem? I'm asking this because I feel a reluctance around me to use a fuse based fs 'In production'. I've also heard that distros will not consider fuse-based fses as their root fs. From what I can say is that the biggest problem for zfs on linux is that it's fuse based. So how much work would it be, and is this allready planned?

I thank you VERY MUCH :-)
Keep up the great work!

wizeman said...

Hi anonymous,

I have given my thoughts about your question on a a new post.

Stregatto said...

Well, but why not an out-of-tree module for zfs? Modules for filesystems can be put in initrd for boot, and i think that the license would not be a problem (consider the number of distros that are shipping with ATI/NVidia binary blobs). Sun could also be quite happy, as they would get more credit for it, compared to having the filesystem merged in the kernel tree.